Philosophy of science and metaphysics 

Specific interests in metaphysics of science, laws of nature, indispensability arguments, variations of scientific realism, empiricism, scientific pluralism, and early-modern HPS

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Departamento de Filosofia

Universidad de Chile

Santiago, Chile

Contact details:

Av Capitán Ignacio Carrera Pinto 1025,

Ñuñoa, RM, Chile



Doctor of Philosophy


University of Melbourne, Australia, 2016.

Committee: Howard Sankey (supervisor), Dana Goswick (co-supervisor), James Ladyman and Stathis Psillos.


Director, MA in Philosophy, Universidad de Chile

Director, Grupo de Estudios de Filosofía de las Ciencias, Universidad de Chile.

Member of the Advisory Committee, Asociación de Filosofía e Historia de la Ciencia del Cono Sur (AFHIC).

Founding member and past president (2016-2020), Chilean Society for the Philosophy of Science. 

Visiting fellowships

2020, Fall Term. Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A. (Cancelled due to the pandemic).

2017, 2019. Department of Philosophy, University of Miami, U.S.A.

2018. Munich Centre for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU, Germany. 

2018. Centre for the Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences, LSE, England.