• Current Debates in Philosophy of Science: In Honor of Roberto Torretti. (Edited volume. In progress, under contract. Synthese Library Series, Springer.)

  • Leyes de la Naturaleza. (In progress. Chapters 1-7 address main available views on laws, whereas chapters 8-13 provide an account of mathematics' contributions to physical laws.)

  • Realismo Científico. (In progress. With Bruno Borge.) ​​

Drafts of articles:​​​

  • "Physical laws, invariance, and mathematics" (with O. Bueno) 

  • "Physical laws and the effectiveness of mathematics" (with O. Bueno)​

  • "On the distinction between mathematical and physical structures" (with O. Bueno)​

  • "Physical modality for physical laws" (with O. Bueno)

  • "Physical laws and the structure of the world" (with O. Bueno)

  • "Humeanismo y leyes de la naturaleza"

  • "Leyes de la naturaleza en la filosofía natural: una carta de viaje"

  • "Metafísica de las leyes de la naturaleza"

  • "Pluralism and the metaphysics of science"

  • “Three boundaries of selective realism”​​​

  • "Realismo selectivo: globalismo, localismo, hiperlocalismo"