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  • Leyes de la Naturaleza: Historia y Filosofía. 

  • Ensayos sobre Realismo y Estructuralismo en Filosofía de las Ciencias. (In progress. With Bruno Borge.) ​​

  • Physical laws and the application of mathematics. (In progress. With Otávio Bueno)

Edited books:


  • Current Debates in Philosophy of Science: In Honor of Roberto Torretti. (In progress, under contract. Synthese Library Series, Springer.)

Drafts of articles:​​​

  • A paper on Wigner, the effectiveness of mathematics, and physical laws.

  • A paper on physical modality for physical laws

  • A paper on physical laws and the structure of the world

  • A paper on nomological eliminativism

  • A paper on Woodward's invariance-based account of physical laws and the application of mathematics

  • A paper (in Spanish) on Newton and the consolidation of laws of nature

  • A paper (in Spanish) on the science without laws project

  • A paper (in Spanish) on dispositions and laws

  • A paper on pluralism and the metaphysics of science

  • A paper on Roberto Torretti's philosophy of science

  • A paper on the nomic stance in economics (with Nicolás Silva)


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