Book as author:

  • Ciencia, Metafísica y Realidad: Debates Recientes en Filosofía de las Ciencias. (This book is fully written in a first version and I am currently correcting the manuscript's details. No publisher's contract yet.)

Articles under review:

  • "Sobre la estructura de las leyes científicas: física, matemáticas y metafísica"


Drafts of articles (which need yet to be revised):​​​

  • "Physical laws, invariance, and mathematics: a structural empiricist perspective" (with O. Bueno) 

  • "Physical laws and the effectiveness of mathematics" (with O. Bueno)

  • "On the distinction between mathematical and physical structures" (with O. Bueno)

  • "Physical modality for physical laws" (with O. Bueno)

  • "Pluralism and the metaphysics of science"

  • “Three boundaries of selective realism”​​​

  • "Realismo selectivo: globalismo, localismo, hiperlocalismo"

  • "La indispensabilidad metodológica de las matemáticas: el caso de las leyes en mecánica clásica" (with M. Morales)